Who Is Porta Party DJ?

I decided way back in July of 2003 to buy some speakers, lights and some CD’s and set out to do something different.

I was the lead singer in a local band named “Whiskey Jack” with some of the best people I’ve come to know in my life. We had a lot of fun and worked our tails off for nearly 10 years. At the end of that run…I wanted to keep entertaining but make some decisions on my own on what to play, say, and most importantly get out of those smoky bars!

My brother (Darin Benno) joined me shortly after I started… boy did we have fun! He’d visit with people and take requests, I’d visit with people and do my best to keep the dance floor hopping! Today… Darin and I know a LOT of people! I bought another DJ system in 2004 and Darin started doing it on his own. At the same time we went digital. No more CD’s! In 2008 I added more DJ’s and I also added the Photobooth. I cannot believe how much the photobooth added to what I already did. We did 109 bookings that year! 2008 was a pretty crazy year.

Darin decided to step away officially a couple years ago… I am now the only DJ for Porta Party DJ and Photobooth! Be assured. When you hire me…you get ME! There are DJ companies all over the state that build up a great name and then send out rookies under that name. Being a DJ is not rocket science. That is why when you ask around about a DJ… I hope that you’ll find that my reputation speaks for itself.

Ask around about Porta Party DJ and Photobooth. Chris Benno is the name. FUN is the game!

I hope that I may go to work for you!

Contact me for pricing and availability!