Frequently Asked Questions

So many questions…so little time! Below you’ll find what I am looking for musically for your wedding. Please don’t overthink these things! In a blink of an eye I’ll be playing the last song!

Name of Bride and Groom the way you want me to announce you. (Formal?)

Name of Bride and Groom that you want me to put on the photobooth label. (Nicknames? Christopher is Chris?)

Bridal Party March? (We introduce the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids as they were in the wedding, be sure to bring a program and help me with those tough names!!)We do this right at the beginning of the dance…8:30pm generally. No song needed!

First Dance? (Bride and Groom) Song?

Second Dance? (Wedding Party OR Mother Father Dance with Bride or Groom) song(s)?

Third Dance? (Optional) Mother / Son dance (One Song needed)

Fourth Dance? (Wedding party?)Song?

Garter Sale : This can be done so many ways. Some people don’t like to ask for money. Some people know its a tradition and love it. Bottom line is…PLEASE let me do something for you on this. This type of thing is how I earned my reputation.

Dollar Dance…I will need two people from the wedding Party (Best Man and Maid of Honor) to collect for this Dance…this can last as few as 3 songs…to 6 songs…as long as there is a line…I will continue! I play slow songs…quietly…so you can visit while dancing! You don’t need to pick these songs.

Bouquet toss ~ To do or not to do…that’s the question! No song needed.

Do you want the Chicken Dance? The Butterfly? The Bunny Hop? Cha Cha Slide? Something I have never heard of? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Most importantly…I do work for you on a very important night of your lives…and I want it to be special. I hope that my experience will show you and your guests a great time. However I’m open to any ideas that you may have. I’ll do the best I can to deliver a great time… because that is why you hired Porta Party DJ!!

Last but not least…I have an extensive library of MUSIC…all kinds…however I may not have your favorite song! Please let me know what type of music you want…Country, Rock, 50’s 60’s, Big Band, Classical, Punk, New Age, Christian, Heavy Metal, Bluegrass, (yeah…I know…there are a lot to choose from! That’s why I ask!!) It may be easier for some people to tell me what you DON’T want! I would like a “Top 10” songlist from the bride and groom…that will give me a pretty good idea of what you want. However…I’d prefer not getting a list of 20 – 60 songs… you have hired me to get people to dance…I assure you I will do my best…my reputation depends on it!!

Contact Chris Benno for pricing and availability!